General FAQs

Whether you’re looking for a payday loan as a short-term solution or an installment loan for longer-term financing, Speedy Cash is committed to helping you understand all of the services, options and payment plans available to you. Keep reading to learn more about how we can help.

A: Speedy Cash offers multiple ways to apply for a loan – at a Speedy Cash location, over the phone, or on our website. No matter how you choose to apply, we will process your loan application as quickly as possible. Typically, the application can be completed in a matter of minutes, and upon submission, we will provide you with an instant lending decision.
A: That depends on the type of loan you apply for, but at a basic level, here is the process:

Complete a loan application

Submit your application and receive an instant lending decision

Upon approval, review and sign your loan documents, and receive your cash

Pay back your loan as defined in your loan agreement

A: Speedy Cash offers a variety of services including a variety of cash advance loans, check cashing, and more. Services vary by state, and in some instances, by store.
A: The maximum amount you can borrow from Speedy Cash depends on a variety of factors including your monthly income, credit score, and maximum loan amount available in your state. To see the maximum amount available in your state, view your state’s loan page.
A: Just like maximum loan amounts, interest rates vary by state and by loan. Visit your state’s rates and terms page to see the applicable rates in your state.
A: ACH means ‘automatic clearing house’ and refers to an electronic payment made to or from your checking account. An ACH may be used to fund your loan (also referred to as direct deposit) or to process your loan payment.
A: Whether you visit a Speedy Cash store or decide to apply online, you have the option to get cash in your hands the same day you apply, and in some cases, even instantly! Here is a breakdown of how long you can expect your loan process to take:

Apply at a Speedy Cash Store - Simply apply for a loan, providing documentation of your age, identity, income and checking account. You could be approved for a loan on the spot – often in just 10 minutes or less. Upon approval, you will receive your cash right away.

Apply Online – Complete your loan application in a matter of minutes. Upon submitting your application, we will provide you with an instant lending decision. If approved, you can select how you would like to receive your loan funds – which can change how long it will take to receive your funds.

Instant Funding to Opt+: Have your funds instantly loaded to your opt+ card (subject to system limitations). This is the fastest funding option available.

Cash at Store Pickup: If you live near a Speedy Cash store, then you can choose to pick up your cash there. Your cash will be available for immediate pick up.

Direct Deposit: If you choose to have your funds direct deposited to your bank account, you will typically receive your funds by the next business day.

A: Yes. As outlined in your loan agreements, there will be minimum payment requirements. However, you can always choose to pay off your loan early. In fact, depending on the type of loan you borrow, paying off early may save you money in interest or fees. Speedy Cash never charges a fee to pay off your loan early.
A: Speedy Cash offers multiple cash loan solutions, including payday loans, installment loans, line of credit loans and title loans. The type of loan that is right for you depends on the amount you wish to borrow, as well as the amount of time you need to repay it.

Payday loans offer a small amount of money to be paid back on your next pay day.

Installment loans offer larger loan amounts that feature extended repayment terms.

Personal line of credit loans give you flexibility to pay down your loan and withdraw more cash as needed, up to your credit limit.

Title loans offer cash in return for the title of your vehicle as collateral for your loan.

A: We understand that your situation can change - even in a matter of minutes. That's why we give all of our Customers a 24-hour grace period. If you change your mind, you have until the close of business the day after you take out your loan to return the amount you borrowed - without paying fees.
A: Emergency expenses pop up from time to time. When that happens and you don't have the money, a short-term loan can be a sensible and convenient option to provide emergency cash. When you compare the payday loan fees to bounced check fees, late payment charges, and overdraft fees, it's often a cheaper solution.
A: You can see a list of stores near you by entering your location on our store locator page or you can call 1-866-916-6639 to use our automated store locator over the phone.
A: Yes; our online loan application can be completed completely online without having to fax or scan any documents. In some instances, we may need additional information to approve your loan, but we will work with you to get that information.