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At Speedy Cash, the privacy and security of your personal and financial information is our top priority. Since our doors first opened in 1997, we have been continually innovating and implementing advanced technologies and techniques to ensure the safety and privacy of your information. We deeply value the trust you place in us and we are committed to providing you a safe and secure loan experience regardless of the method you decide to use to apply for credit with us.

The Speedy Cash Security Center provides you with resources to help you maintain your security. As they say, knowledge is power. Look around and learn how you can safeguard your money and your identity. As always, we are here for you! Give us a call if we can answer any questions, or if you want to confirm anything related to your application, account or loan.

Debt-Collections Scams

Updated April, 2016

Unidentified organizations have been sending illegal, fraudulent debt-collections communications falsely claiming to represent lenders such as Speedy Cash. These communications have been made in the form of calls and email, and are not being sent by Speedy Cash or any of our affiliates.

Warning Signs for Debt-Collection Calls

  • The caller has a thick foreign accent, is overly aggressive or rude
  • The caller threatens violence, or criminal or legal action
  • The call comes from an overseas telephone number
  • The caller demands immediate payment and creates a sense of urgency to repay
  • The caller refuses to provide you with pertinent information regarding the alleged debt

Warning Signs for Debt-Collection Emails & Other Communication Forms

  • The message comes from a personal email account, such as Gmail, AOL or Outlook
  • The email domain does not include "Speedy Cash", "Speedy Inc", or "Rapid Cash"
  • The message contains fictitious case numbers and outstanding amounts
  • The message threatens criminal or legal action
  • The message threatens to email/fax information to your current employer or references
  • The message threatens to confiscate all your salary and/or wages
  • The message demands immediate payment and creates a sense of urgency to repay

Warning Signs for Debt-Collection Emails & Other Communication Forms

  • Report to your local authorities
  • File a complaint at

Loan Scams

Updated December, 2015

An entity or individual has been falsely claiming to represent Speedy Cash, and has been asking consumers to load money onto a prepaid card, purchase money orders, or send funds using MoneyGram or Western Union in order to obtain a loan. This fraudster has told consumers that they need to prepay a “fee” such as an application fee or an administrative fee, or “taxes” for a loan. Additionally, this fraudster has been using the Speedy Cash name, logo and mailing address. Speedy Cash does not require any money to be loaded onto a prepaid card in order to obtain a loan. Speedy Cash does not require the prepayment of any amount as a condition of considering a loan application or the granting of a loan.

Warning Signs

  • The fraudster asks for payment in advance, typically claiming that a "fee" or "taxes" must be prepaid
  • The fraudster requires funds to be loaded onto a prepaid card, requires the purchase of money orders, or requires funds to be sent via MoneyGram or Western Union
  • The fraudster may send you loan documents when you have not applied for a loan, or unsolicited emails

Speedy Cash Fraud Department

Phone: 1-877-336-9392


Account Verification

Don't give out personal, sensitive or payment information if the person contacting you cannot confirm the details of your loan.

Suspicious Activity

If you receive a suspicious call, letter or email claiming to be Speedy Cash, contact us directly to verify authenticity at 1-877-336-9392.


Do not forward a payment or load funds onto a prepaid card in order to receive a loan.

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If you are a victim of identity theft, you can get a free, personalized identity theft recovery plan at