The internet can be scary

This is a safe place

Speedy Cash security center

We're serious about security.

Keeping your information private and safe is our top priority. We have many security measures to safeguard your account, including encryption, activity alerts, SSL validation, and more. Our site is TrustedSite® certified secure, and our security team has 20 industry certifications, including: CISSP, CISM, CISA, GCIA, GCED, GCIH, GCWN, GCDA, GWAPT, CEH, and CPP.

Speedy Cash will NEVER

  • Randomly email or call you asking for your account number, username, or Social Security Number.
  • Require you to load money onto a prepaid card in order to get a loan.
  • Demand you prepay any amount to consider your loan application or grant you a loan.

Know the Do's and Don'ts of security alerts

Let's work together to protect your money and your identity.


woman covering her eyes

...give out personal, sensitive or payment information to people who can't confirm the details of your loan.


Stay secure with Speedy Cash

...forward a payment or load funds onto a prepaid card in order to get a loan.


Speedy Cash positive experience us directly at 1-877-336-9392 if you get a suspicious call, letter or email claiming to be Speedy Cash.

Watch out for Debt-Collection Scams

Scammers send out illegal, fraudulent debt-collection communications falsely claiming to represent lenders like Speedy Cash. These communications can be calls or emails, and they’re not sent by Speedy Cash or any of our affiliates.

Warning signs for debt-collection scams

It might be a scam if the caller or sender...

  • threatens violence, criminal, or legal action
  • demands immediate payment
  • refuses to give you info about the debt, like the amount
  • comes from a personal email account like Gmail, AOL or Outlook
  • domain doesn’t include “Speedy Cash”, “Speedy Inc”, or “Rapid Cash“
  • gives you fake case numbers or amounts you don't recognize
  • threatens to send information to your boss or references
  • threatens to confiscate all your salary and/or wages
  • uses profane language or incorrect English
  • is overly aggressive or rude

Watch out for Loan Scams

Scammers falsely claiming to represent Speedy Cash ask consumers to load money onto a prepaid card, purchase money orders, or send funds using MoneyGram or Western Union to get a loan. They might tell you to prepay a “fee” (like an application fee or an administrative fee) or “taxes” for a loan. They might even use the Speedy Cash name, logo and mailing address.

Warning signs for loan scams

It might be a scam if the caller or sender...

  • asks for payment in advance
  • requires funds to be loaded onto a prepaid card
  • requires the purchase of money orders
  • requires funds to be sent via MoneyGram or Western Union
  • sends you loan documents when you have not applied for a loan
  • sends you unsolicited emails

Think you've been a victim of fraud?

We're on your side. We can help you file a police report and a complaint at

Call us at 1-877-336-9392.